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I am OPEN for freelance jobs for small and middle-sized enterprises.

In case of any question, please fell free to ask me:

e-mail: samuel.briskar(at)


One of my life vision lies in creating great products for people. Throughout my life journey, I had different possibilities where I could craft my skills as a designer.

I had the privilege to work with clever and ambitious people, with whom we have started several projects. Quiz War (mobile game), Kemp Snov + Floorball academy (children camps),  Esendy (creative group) and many others.

I achieved a bachelor’s (specializing in graphic design) and a master’s degree after attending the faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University. Education taught me how to solve problems in a more analytical and logical way. Moreover, I partly studied in Denmark that helped me to see life from different perspectives.

Furthermore, I have more than 6 years experience with creating visuals. My artworks won several prices. Some of them were international.

In the workplace, I seek feedback, improvement, innovation and teamwork.

My team’s (Esendy) work was featured:

Funradio: Krátke slovenské video o „najväčších problémoch ľudí“
TV NASA: Vysielanie 4.2.2016
Kosice Korzar: Študenti z Košíc zaujali svet videoparódiou na Hru o tróny 
Android Portal: Game of Phones: Príbeh z internetových diskusií v podaní šikovných študentov
Svět aplikací: Game of phones: Příběh z internetových diskuzí technologických deníků a společnosti
Kosice24: Košickí študenti si parádne vystrelili z hollywoodskych trhákov: Rozpočet 20 eur, filmová cena v Brne!
Letem svetem Applem: Game of Phones: perfektní parodie ve které soupeří Apple a Samsung od studentů z Košic!

And others …

We won 3 prizes:

Student film festival in Brno (CZ) – 1 st. place (audience award)
International student film festival Kolding (DK) – best postproduction (Kolding 2016)
Student film festival in Brno (CZ) -3 rd. place (audience + jury )

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