Freelance projects

Kto je to farmaceut?

Kto je to farmaceut (Who is a pharmacist) is a project, which should describe the importance of the role pharmacists in the society. I was working with talented UX designer Marian Cepa. My role was to create illustration and help with the overall look of the campaign – Kto je to farmaceut.

Ples studentu

Ples sportovců (prom for sportsmen) is a big event which takes place in Brno every year in winter. Every year there more than 700 students. My role is to create every year a different overall look of the event to attract sportsmen (posters, tickets, sponsor video, photo wall and so on…)


During my studies in Denmark, I had the privilege to work in the international team for the commercial for Batavus – huge bike company situated in Netherland. The commercial was published by the company. In the commercial we wanted to attract young stylish ladies. For this purpose we spent a lot of time with this type of girl and we tried to understand their way of thinking.


Zdravab – Medical Equipment (market research, corporate identity – logo, flyers, stickers…)

Svět Karavanů – the world of caravans (market research, corporate identity – logo, business cards, document template…)

The task was to create a playful logo which represents caravans and the world at once.

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