Game of phones


After noticing many purposeless argues on internet forums, we decided to parode them. I was responsible for whole project GoP (pre-production, production and post-production part). The music was done by Jiří Křúpala

Behind the scene of visual effects

 For creating different visual effects I used multiple programs, mainly Adobre After Effects combined with Cinema 4D. 

Firstly I had to recreate the crowd full of people. For this purpose I combined several footages. Every footage consists of less than 4 people. You are right, it was a lot of work. Feel free to watch video to see more visual effects.

Video got viral

The whole team won several awards on student film festivals. One of them was in Denmark. After that, video got viral and we were published by more than 20 webpages.

Invited to TV

What more. I was invited to local TV station to say something about our success in Denmark. It was quite fun 🙂

Game of Phones - Apple vs. Samsung parody movie

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