Personal project visually representing human characteristic greed. The goal of the visualization was to create picture, similiar to painting.


As a first step, the concept was created. I used only basic Photoshop brushes for creating concrete visualization of the idea. I wanted to create enormous rich guy sitting in the expensive room and drinking some fancy alcohol. Instead of head, he will have pig head to express his greed.

Designing light setup

Secondly, I took some autoportrets to have concrete idea of the lights setup. I tried several options and I took the most dramatic one, which will express the atmosphere from the concept. As you can see I also tried different expressions 🙂

Character modeling

After having concrete visualization of the idea a started with the modeling a pig. For this purpose, Zbrush was used. Afterwards I used only head of the pig and I decided to photomanipulate the rest of the body in Photoshop.

Environment modeling

For creating the fancy room, I decided to use Cinema 4D with the same light setup as I used in photo studio.


Animation of the process in Photoshop

The last thing was to combine everything what was created into the single image in Photoshop. On the picture you can see the whole process of photo manipulation.


To inspire some other people I decided to share my knowledge and process in a short tutorial.

Final image

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