Quiz War is multiplayer trivia game for Android with intelligent matchmaking in 15 categories. Players can connect their Facebook account and play against their friends. The beautiful and simple design received many compliments from players as well as game critics.

Beginning of the game design process

After several lecturers about game design at our university, we decided to create our own Android game. With Ivan Homola (idea maker, project manager), we did market research and after we started with defining the scope of the game. As a next step, we created lot of hypothesis about  who can possible be our focus group, how they can interact with the game or how much time they will play each round.  


We disscused our game with one of the possible target group – students. Because of zero budget, we tried to ask our classmates. They helped us understand: which type of the game they are interested in, how many games they play daily, how much time they spent in the game and where they are playing. Positive outcomes from research gave us motivation to create prototypes.  On prototypes we could test our hypothesis. We changed little bit games design and focused on important things (such as: questions).

Visual design process

Next to the process of the prototyping, I started with defining the visual feeling of the game. In the middle of the process,team member did not meet our criteria for coder and we were forced to redesigning the team. It was the crucial moment of the whole project, because he was only one coder in the team. Luckily we find great people arround us and we continued the process.

Visual deisgn: GUI

After many discussions and tries, we finally agreed on these visuals of the user interface. 

Visual design: Icons

As basic icons, we used free jolly icons. Although for our purposes we did not find so many usable icons, so we created ours.

The title and the map

App icon design and character design

Other materials

Game is free to play on Google play HERE. Our game received many compliments from players as well as game critics. The game is prepared for investor or distributor who is able to shift the game to next level.

Team credits:

Ivan Homola (project manager, idea maker, UX)

Katka Bazelová (icon design, character design)

Ján Mjartan (Andorid developer)

Johny (server developer)

Me (market research, UX / UI,  visual design, art direction)

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