Mgr. Lukáš Cafourek, founder of PORTA DESIGN s.r.o.

As a director of digital agency, I appreciate independence and creativity. We worked with Samuel on several projects. I was able to rely on him every single time, in communication with a client as well as in video production and post-production.

Samuel understands multiple creative fields. This gives him an opportunity to see things from different angles and understand the connection between design and desired idea in a way that that impresses the client and fulfils the goal.



Ing. Mgr. Dita Přikrylová, CEO Czechitas

As a non-profit organization, we chose Samuel after he showed interest to help us. We were very positively surprised by his attitude, collaboration and results.

He is a great communicator, very independent and creative. He easily comes with new ideas during recording and he is very genuine. The result of his work was top quality, surpassing other professional agencies. The video concept precisely expressed  event atmosphere.

He is reliable, delivering in time with the top quality.

Ing. Jan Kadlec - marketing specialist

When we were thinking about creating a brand new university campaign, I wanted talented students to participate. Samuel was one of them. I found him in the university social network and I was impressed by his interest about graphic design and video.

I like his creativity. He created a complex story with a punch line just from my very vague idea – connecting tic-tac-toe with exam answer sheets – with minimal resources.

To sum it up, Samuel has a good eye for design and great ideas for video. He can do a lot with minimal resources, he is able to improvise and you can see he really enjoys his work.

Jan Kadlec

david novotny

Bc. David Novotný, organizer of varied events

I am an organizer of multiple social, cultural and sport events. I worked with Samuel already on several of them. He regularly creates different material for promotion for these events and we always reached great results. 

I value his creativity, he can always come up with an original way to solve the problem. Thanks to fast communication and meeting all the deadlines, I was always very satisfied and looking forward to our next play.

Mgr. David Mareček, chairman - Education and sport comitee Olešnice

Contrary to other graphic designers, he was very fast to understand our concept and whole idea. He is therefore very fast to create graphic design in top quality exactly in a style, we need. There is nothing to stop him and he is always coming with new ways to positively surprise us – for example our poster for harverst festival.

He could have just downloaded free template somewhere from the internet or just simply edit something in Photoshop, but this is not his style. He comes with new and original solutions and at the end he just says “I was not able to find something I was looking for, so I created my own 3D model for it” and you are just blown away.

david marecek

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