Zopa redesign

Zopa was perceived as a brand with really cheap products for children. The brand needed to be redesigned to be competitive on the market. Unfortunately, this type of the domain was totally new for me. As a first step, I wanted to understand how moms are thinking about their small childrens. What problems are they trying to solve, how are they trying to solve them, how are they communicate to each other and so on. I spent a lot of time on internet forums (such as Modry Konik), Facebook groups/pages (e.g.: Britaxačky), blogs (e.g.: Feedo blog) or other brands webpages (e.g.: Cybex, Bugaboo …)

Collecting information

Fortunately, I had access to information from people in different disciplines: e.g.: business owner, product manager, marketing manager, e-shop customer supporter, wholesale buyers/sellers and servicemen. For our purposes, we defined 3 types of moms: 1. wants to show up with expensive brands 2. wants good products at affordable prices 3. interested in cheap products (the special group was anxious moms, which care a lot about safety, materials, tests and so on. It is possible to find them in every discussed group.) Moreover, I could watch every group how is interacting in the retail shop Funbaby, what kind of question are they asking and so on…

After 2 months of research we defined challenges: focus on whole customers’ experience with the brand Zopa, create a coherent visual identity, set up brand communication across marketing channels (print ads, online ads, website, newsletter …), start to have a strong relationship with customers and collecting feedback from them. Moreover, Zopa team agreed that they need to produce better products in affordable prices.

To set up the coherent visual identity with the brand Zopa I started with defining brand colors. The logo Zopa was already designed. Market research showed us that turquoise color is competitive among other brands and easy to remember. Every customer should say that turquoise color is Zopa.

Chosen fonts

Next step was to choose right fonts. The font has to be usable on boxes, in manuals, online banners, catalog and so on. The font has to be easy to read and have a possibility to use in other 8 languages. As primary font Myriad Pro (long texts e.g.: manuals or catalogs)  and Helvetica (short texts e.g.: banners or boxes) were used. Also, we decided to use bonus font Notera for headers in prints or banners.

Zopa and the customers

Big challenge was to redesign boxes. We discussed a lot of aspects with business owner e.g.: how boxes and products are used in shops. Also, how customers are interacting with them. Every product is different and the box has to be easy to adapt to any size. 

The process was pretty cheezy. We defined style of the boxes and after few months we saw the boxes in front of us. For designing box for concrete product we had only few hours, because we didn’t know the proportions, content and so on. Boxes were sligthly changing, but we, fortunately, created template. Sometimes boxes are decision point of purchase for customers. I wanted to make design clear and easy to understand for customers, unnecessary information was deleted.

After many discussions, 2 types of boxes were created: shipping box and boxes which are in shops next to products.

To provide pleasant user experience of customer toward the brand, we redesigned manuals.

Next to boxes we also designed labels. These small details are making the brand more competitive and in customers’ eyes more valuable.

Designing the catalogue

Another big challenge was to create the catalog with all products. As you can see the old one didn’t use branding at all. We decided to redo it completely. We changed texts, created lifestyle photos with products, created new icons, defined the styles of the product pages and so on. We tried many products pages until we decided for final one. The online version of the catalog is HERE.

Web Zopa

Created elements from catalog and box helped us to design the webpage www.zopadesign.com. Firstly we defined the specification of the content on the web with the owner of the brand and the product manager. Next step was to create wireframes. Moreover, the webpage is keeping brand colors and style of the brand communication. As the final step, designs in Photoshop were created and guys from Lunadio programmed the webpage.

Other materials

After all, Facebook fan page was created. Also, PPC banners, web banners, prints for the local newspaper were designed.


Beside everything what we created, there is a lot of space in creating strong relationship with the customers via internet (Facebook groups, Instragram pages, forums, blogs). Joining customers into developing products. I believe Zopa will innovate and in the future it will be strong brand on the market.

I had the privilige to work with other talented people:

Graphic designers: Hanka Hetmerová (catalog, branding), Soňka Drdliková (boxes, branding)
Webdesigner: Petr Valenta

and other people from Zopa team.

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